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How to Properly Apply Aftershave

Knowing how to apply aftershave properly can improve your skin’s health, boost your masculinity and give you a wonderful scent. Unfortunately, a lot of men just splash alcohol-based aftershave lotions on their faces, grimace from the sting and go about their days. Once you know how to apply your aftershave properly, you’ll never make that mistake, again.

1. Rinse Your Face With Cool Water

Before you shave, it makes sense to wash your face with warm water that will open your pores. After shaving, though, you want to close those pores before applying any lotions or balms. Rinsing with cool water will remove any excess shaving cream and close your pores.

2. Pat Your Face Dry Before Applying Aftershave

You don’t want to dilute your aftershave by applying it to wet skin. Pat your face dry with a clean towel to remove moisture and prepare your skin. Do not dry your face with the same towel that you used on your body after showering.

Also, make sure you do not rub the towel on your face. Patting is essential. Rubbing may work a little quicker, but it can tug at your skin. One of the best things about using aftershave is that you get to improve your skin’s health. Rubbing your skin with a towel defeats that purpose.

3. Choose a Healthy Aftershave You’ll Love

Knowing how to choose a healthy product is just as important as knowing how to apply aftershave the proper way. The best aftershaves use all natural ingredients that promote your skin’s health and protect the environment from dangerous chemicals. Ideally, you’ll use a vegan, cruelty-free aftershave that doesn’t include parabens. It also helps to use a company that follows the American tradition of paying its employees fair living wages. After all, choosing a great aftershave involves more than just reading a list of ingredients. Today’s men know that chivalry includes making choices that benefit the whole world..

4. Apply Aftershave Gently With Your Fingers

Once you have an aftershave that you can trust, put a small amount in the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together to warm the lotion, but try to concentrate most of the lotion on your fingertips.

Using your fingertips, gently massage the aftershave into your skin with upward strokes. If you’ve chosen the right aftershave, you won’t feel a burning sensation. Instead, you’ll feel your skin tighten and smooth as it recovers from shaving.

A lot of men pay close attention to how they shave, but they don’t realize the importance of applying aftershave. Follow these directions to protect your skin and look your best.