About Us

We men of today still live by a code that resides deep within us, passed down from generation to generation.

It is a code of chivalry.

It is a code of nobility.

It is a code of honor.

Of course, we may no longer be slaying dragons, rescuing damsels in distress and fighting fierce battles in the name of our king. But we can still strive to follow the code of the wandering knight by doing right by others, and by doing so, we keep the 12th-century legend of the knight errants alive and strong.

And what better way to further exhibit that trait than by engaging daily in one of the most enjoyable masculine rituals in history, while responsibly protecting the health of yourself and those around you?

And thus the reason for The Wandering Knight, LLC.

Our company was born out of the same chivalric ideals shortly after we took a look around the marketplace and realized that something was lacking in men's care products. Knowing that we had a job to do -- that we were in fact honor bound to complete this all-important task -- we created what others could not in order to fill the empty void in the marketplace and perhaps bring some peace to the land.

Behold! The Wandering Knight's Post Shave Elixir!

A natural men's aftershave formulated in a way that avoids harmful ingredients and is produced with ethical consumerism in mind. Our elixir has been specially created to be paraben free and phthalate free, and in addition to being an all-natural product, you'll be heartened to know that The Wandering Knight's Post Shave Elixir is also cruelty free and vegan, with no animal testing or animal products utilized whatsoever.

Additionally, we are truly proud to make our Wandering Knight's Post Shave Elixir in the United States, in a manufacturing plant run by women who are paid fair wages, for this is the age of women's rights.

And so, ye men of the code, you can now start each day with a shave that enables you to uphold the most noble attributes of masculinity: Taking care of your health, those you care about, those around you and the environment.

Shave Elixir - 8oz


When you look at the list of ingredients on most aftershaves, you usually find a vague item called "fragrance." A lot of companies use this term because they don't want you to know everything that they put into their products. The Wandering Knight's Shave Elixir doesn't have to hide our ingredients because we're proud to use all-natural items that promote your skin's health. Our Shave Elixir contains healthful ingredients such as organic aloe leaf juice, tea tree leaf oil, witch hazel water and organic white willow bark extract. Notice that our list doesn't include any parabens or phthalates. That's because we don't use them. We pay a living wage to American workers who make a cruelty-free, natural aftershave that modern men can use proudly. You have a clear choice. You can finish your shaving routine with our Shave Elixir, or you can pay too much money for a mediocre product. We know which decision you'll make.

Why Aftershave

Aftershave isn't something that disappears shortly after you apply it to your skin. It continues to work all day after your skin absorbs it. This makes it crucial for you to choose an aftershave made from top-quality ingredients that improve your skin's health instead of introducing chemicals that could cause damage.

It's also important to recognize that shaving takes a heavy toll on your face. Using aftershave restores your skin's PH balance to help prevent signs of aging, eliminate the pain and embarrassment of razor burn and keep the most visible part of your body healthy. After all, first impressions matter.

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